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Fit with Fay, founded by Faigy Fink is striving to mentor and coach people to cope their health challenges and in designing customized diet & exercise plans. We believe in empowering you to take positive steps towards your desired health and fitness goals. Our unique and supportive method has led us to win the trust of thousands of clients throughout the years.

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Why Choose Us
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  • We are supportive & understanding
  • We give you nutrition tips

  • We have amazing trainers
  • We have unique methods to help everyone succeed

Fitness History
With a vision to eradicate emotional eating, Fit with Fay creates long-lasting results and equips you to be your own nutritionist. We motivate individuals to power their minds through interesting physical activity sessions and making dieting a lifestyle approach in the simplest and most balanced way. Our experts specialize in customized menu plans and thousands of our clients are maintaining beautifully on our program.

Small steps = BIG results!