Faigy Fink


As an expert integrative nutrition health coach, Faigy Fink founded Fit with Fay to mentor thousands of people with their health and fitness issues. Her interest in nutrition & health since her early childhood created her passion to become a mentor and help those who are struggling. Faigy is an amazing fitness trainer and has her own unique and innovative methods that help people get fit in short period of time. Since starting Fit with Fay, Faigy has been helping many to get desired success in their weight loss journey. Her amazing sense of humor and great attitude has given her exceptional success. She is a dynamic mentor with a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. She believes that a healthy lifestyle empowers the mind to succeed. Her outstanding work experience, exceptional enthusiasm for the field and passion to mentor adults, teens and children to make long-lasting health changes have transformed many. She loves to sit and get to know her clients and goes beyond her call to make them feel comfortable and succeed. Faigy has contributed her valuable knowledge of health and wellness to health columns in popular magazines. Faigy enjoys sharing her intellectual and integrative approach which has helps to achieve healthy eating habits. Her conferences and lecture calls keep people motivated and excited about their goals.
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Leah is an amazing health coach and a wellness mentor who helps her clients attain their health goals. Her passion for healthy living and excellent communication makes her an extraordinary team player. Leah went to school as a Dietician Technician and is associated with Fit with Fay lifestyle for a decade. Leah has been a great help to many as she is understanding, sympathetic and a role model to all. She urges the clients to get the best results through food and lifestyle changes by tailored individualized plans to meet the client’s needs. Her friendly attitude, commitment to work and dedication has inspired many to take on dieting as a lifestyle. With her great experience and training in health, she is helping her clients with customized menu plans and a healthy lifestyle that are a key to healthy living.


Tammy is one of our excellent team members and has followed the Fit with Fay lifestyle for more than 10 years. She effectively utilizes her menu and health coaching experience to inspire many. She is loved due to her unique and friendly coaching styles, her outstanding passion for her client’s wellness and her very pleasant and understanding personality. Clients can always find her doing some physical activity and crafting creative ideas to help her clients with ways that can work best for them. As a weight loss mentor and training coach, she believes only in the best results and does not compromise on the quality of any aspect of her client’s health. Over the years, her clients have experienced remarkable personal transformations, all through her creative approaches under her inspiring health and fitness leadership.


Office Manager

At Fit with Fay, Aviva believes that it is extremely important to speak to the clients and not just to book their appointments. Her effective strong communication skills and sensitive understanding is very helpful to determine the very needs of the clients. As a skilled office manager and an insightful individual, she thoroughly listens to the clients to understand their desired fitness and health goals. Her style, wonderful managerial skills and unmatchable expertise in communication are very beneficial to all.



T5 with Tina!

Tina is an exceptionally skilled and trained T5 trainer who believes in the exploration of individual’s hidden potentials through amazing individual and group personal training sessions. She is fully aware of the modern health crises and provides effective coaching to trim and tone the body. Her goal is to provide customized and tailored training sessions to get all aspects of health and physical fitness. Her comprehensive education, personal passion for the field and approach to get the quick results, make her the amazing fitness trainers she is. Her wisdom in knowing what to target as well as her deep insights into individual’s goals make her a unique and beloved trainer. She has supported many to move beyond their challenges and to develop a new way of life.



Kick it with Chris!!

As a calorie crush trainer with lots of experience and skills, Chris maintains an exclusive learning atmosphere through her exciting workout sessions. Her unmatchable ability to make every workout fun has transformed the lives of many. As an expert gym manager, she keeps group classes moving in fun and creative new ways. With a thorough understanding of every individual in group training sessions, she designs her classes to meet the needs of each individual to help them see amazing and quick results. Keeping in mind the versatility and need of diverse workouts, she is capable of enhancing endurance, muscular strength, body’s adaptability and overall fitness. She is outstanding in maintaining the judgment-free and healthy learning environment during her training sessions and delivers the best to comfort fatigued muscles and aching bodies.