FitwithFay Waterbottle

Drink the FitwithFay Way!
This water bottle makes it drinking your water happen, which is essential for weight loss.

FYI: The amount of water you need to drink daily is half your body weight divided by 8!

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

This amazing blender is quick and easy to use. It will ensure stress-free snacks that will help you along the journey.

Fitness Ball

Get one of our fitness balls and you will be on the way to getting in shape.


The rebounder is good for your joints, bones and is lots of fun. Get step by step instructions from Faigy that will ensure an effective and enjoyable workout.

Available for purchase at FitwithFay


Get cooking! With the all-new Airfryer, you can turn all food into something absolutely delicious. This is a great machine to have while on vacation, traveling or just in your own kitchen.

Disposable Salad Containers

This disposable salad container is a great way to keep things stress-free. With one vegetable dice and a quick shake, you can be on your way.

Salad Dressing Containers

With these squeezable salad dressing containers, you can make a dressing and store it easily for your convenience.

Evo Spray Bottle

With this Evo Spray bottle, you can now do a quick oil spray and limit the amount of oil on your food, saving you those unnecessary extra calories.

Spicify Consomme

There is no reason your food needs to taste bland and dietetic. With this Spicify Consomme, you will enjoy your food so much more.

Coconut Aminos

Among the many nutritional benefits of Coconut Aminos, there is an added benefit of delicious and flavorful to help spice your favorite dishes. 

Primal Avocado Mayo

Go the natural way, by using Primal Avocado Mayo which is wholesome and made with all clean ingredients.


These gluten-free falafel balls are a great change. Pop them into the oven for an easy, quick meal!


Try this crispy cracker with guacamole, Hummus, or light cheese. It makes a great snack, which feels like a small meal and carries lots of clients over in the afternoon stretch.

Mary's Crackers

Processed grains containing gluten does not agree with everyone. However, everyone wants great tasting foods. These gluten-free, delicious crackers have healthy fat and healthy carbs so there will be no guilt.

Apple Chips

A healthy alternative to chips. Featuring a fruit favorite, it’s the best snack when you need a crunch.

Instant Pot

Programmable pressure cooker. Cooks food up to 70% faster.

Smoothie Tropical Mix

Loaded with antioxidants and fiber, Super Fruit Frozen Packets are the perfect ingredients for making healthy, delicious, organic acai bowls and smoothies.


A refreshing combo of luscious pareve ice cream wrapped in fruity mango sorbet. Enjoy this guilt free, only 47 calories per bar.

Rechargable Blender

With this portable, rechargeable blender you can effortlessly pulverize fruits and vegetables into amazing smoothies. It does the job without the noise of traditional blenders and not leaving chunks of ice or fruit / veg.

Betty Crocker

Fast, fun and energy efficient. With its non-stick baking plate, this Betty Crocker cooks to perfection and makes clean up easy, as you eat clean and stay lean.

Sambozon Acai Packets

Add this healthy and delicious fruit to a fresh morning smoothie, stir into a healthy açaí yogurt bowl, or add to your favorite dessert recipe!!

Paesana Marinara Sauce

Enjoy this guilt free marinara sauce made with 100% natural ingredients!

Weighted Jumprope with Counter

This digital jumprope comes with a built in counter which allows you to put in your weight to track the time and rotations and calories burned.
Its weighted handles helps you to achieve weight loss and fitness goals!

Step Aerobic

Great to keep in your room to get in some quick and fun cardio! Put on a fun playlist and you won’t be able to stop!
Many finds can be purchased at FitwithFay.